OPAL: East Dunbartonshire Information Line

OPAL is an information, advice and referral service for adults (16+) in East Dunbartonshire who may need a bit of help and support, but do not necessarily know how to access it.

Access Services

OPAL can help you to find services and support in the local area, to understand your rights to care and support, and to make your case effectively.

Information and Advice

OPAL can help you to find the right information and advice, whatever the issue. From benefits and tax credits through to Wills and Power of Attorney

Social and Leisure Activities

Social contact is important to maintain good mental health, and it keeps you physically active. OPAL can help you to find local social activities to suit you.

Volunteer Shopping & Prescription Delivery

OPAL is the first point of contact for the Volunteer Shopping and Prescription Delivery services across East Dunbartonshire.

East Dunbartonshire Asset Map

The OPAL partners are leading on the redevelopment of the East Dunbartonshire Asset Map website. Find out more and get involved.

News and Updates

Find out what is new in health and social care, the third sector, and generally across the communities of East Dunbartonshire with the OPAL news page.

What does OPAL do?

OPAL provides information and advice to people living in East Dunbartonshire. We can also help you with referrals to services and support in the area. All of the OPAL Advisers work in East Dunbartonshire, they know the local area and they know what is available in the community where to find it.

We may not be able to answer every question immediately, but if we cannot we will go and find the answer, and get back in contact with you – even if it is to tell you that what you are looking for does not exist.

From accessing care- and support services, through to finding a plumber or a mobile hairdresser, OPAL can help you with more or less any enquiry.

Who are OPAL?

OPAL is a partnership between Ceartas Advocacy, Carers Link, East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action, and East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau.

OPAL started in 2012 as a Change Fund project to support older people. When the Change Fund came to an end, East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership continued to fund the service but widened the remit to cover all adult health service users in East Dunbartonshire. OPAL takes that to mean anyone aged 16 or over who is registered with a GP.

Access to Services

When you or your loved ones start to realise that you require some outside help, it can be a difficult time. There is a wide range of services available, but which ones are right for you? Are you eligible for care or support? How do you approach service providers? Who pays for it? It is a difficult landscape to navigate, and it can all be very confusing.

OPAL Advisers know the range of services that are available, they understand your rights in relation to care and support. Your OPAL Adviser can give you the information you need, talk you through your options, and help you to make your case effectively when speaking to services.

Give us a call, or drop us an email today.

Information and Advice

In an age where we are all being served so much information on a daily basis, it can be frustrating to find that it is so difficult to obtain the exact information that you are looking for.

OPAL can help you with finding information about many subjects, including:

  • Power of Attorney and Guardianship
  • Care Planning and Self Directed Support
  • Applying for Benefits and Credits
  • Support for Carers and people with Long Term Conditions

OPAL can also direct you to the best sources of advice: financial advice, legal advice, consumer advice and more. Everything you tell us is strictly in confidence, so contact OPAL and we can point you in the right direction.

Social and Leisure Activities

Social and leisure activities are important for both your physical and mental health. We have all heard about the ‘epidemic of loneliness’ that is affecting modern life, and it can be difficult to make new friends and acquaintances, especially as you get older.

OPAL can help you to find social and leisure activities in your local area that suit you, and help you to connect with new people. Even if you have an active social life yourself, by connecting with other people you help to reduce their risk of social isolation.

If you have health- or mobility issues, or caring responsibilities that make it difficult to leave the house, we can still offer you a range of options to make connections with other people.

Give us a call, or drop us an email today.

Volunteer Shopping & Prescription Delivery

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, OPAL started taking calls from people who were Shielding or self-isolating, and who could not go out for their own shopping or prescriptions, and who did not have anyone to go out for them.

Mutual Aid Volunteer groups sprang up across the country, and in East Dunbartonshire OPAL took on the role of taking shopping- and prescription requests – as well as some of the more unusual problems that people were facing – and passing them on to the volunteers.

As the pandemic recedes, a core of volunteers continues to provide a shopping and prescription delivery service, as well as some light gardening and occasional transport service, for some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

If you are ill or self-isolating, or even if your regular support network has let you down, contact OPAL and we can pass your request on to your local volunteer group.

East Dunbartonshire Asset Map

The OPAL team is currently developing a new version of an old website.

The original East Dunbartonshire Asset Map website started as a paper and pencil exercise in mapping out community assets in Kirkintilloch, in 2011 – 2012. The project was expanded to include all of East Dunbartonshire, and eventually became an interactive website for all the community to use.

Websites do not last forever, and eventually the Asset Map had to be taken down. It was, however, a really good fit for the OPAL project, and when the chance came up to re-invigorate the project we jumped at the chance.

Visit the East Dunbartonshire Asset Map by clicking on the picture.

If you would like to find out more about the Asset Map and how you can get involved, contact the OPAL team today.

Client Testimonials

“I was finding it really hard to arrange services for my elderly mother, because I live and work in London. OPAL helped me by putting me in contact with local services, helping me with phone calls, they knew the right things to say, and I could pick up their emails in the evening after work.”

Susan – london

“My doctor suggested I grant Power of Attorney after I had a stroke. I did not know anything about it really, but my OPAL Adviser talked me through my options, and helped me to come up with a plan. They also helped me find a stroke support group close to me”

William – Bishopbriggs

“The Practice Nurse suggested I call OPAL because I was trying to become more active and lose some weight. The OPAL Adviser gave me a list of exercise options to choose from, and now I have managed to find a group of regular weight loss buddies!”

John – Kirkintilloch

Contact OPAL

You can call OPAL Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 5:00 and Saturday 10:00 – 12:00.

0141 438 2347

You can email OPAL any time.


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